Acoustic & Blues Hour - Chris Roper

Join me Chris Roper every Wednesday at 9pm for the Acoustic & Blues hour on Secklow 105.5 FM.  Here, I will be focusing on live performances of some of your all-time favourite tracks and introducing you to new amazing music that you haven’t yet heard.
  On this show, I want to promote all musicians and poets who would love the opportunity to be heard by the entire community of Milton Keynes.  So, over the coming months we will be introducing some spoken poetry into the show as well as exploring unsigned musical talent.  If you have some original poetry or tunes that you would like to be played on the Acoustic & Blues Hour, send a recording to my email id:  Alternatively, if you would like your poetry to be read by myself, just send me the poem through the email as text, and I would be happy to do that.  

No profanity or plagiarism folks.

Lets put the Creative Arts of Milton Keynes on the map through the Acoustics & Blues Hour with me, Chris Roper, Wednesday nights at 9pm on Secklow 105.5 FM, community radio for Milton Keynes.

Acoustic & Blues Hour - Chris Roper
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