Key Commitments


Social inclusion is the process by which individuals or entire communities of people are allowed full access to various rights and opportunities. Marginalised communities can include amongst others, people with a disabilities, learning difficulties, minorities, members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, (LGBT), community, unemployed and young people not in education, employment or training (NEET). Secklow Sounds will feature programmes that are produced by or featuring people from disadvantaged or marginalised groups.


Our Diversity Commitment is centred on meeting the diverse interests of listeners, some of which are not met by other local broadcasters. Our goal is to reflect the rich and varied mix of people, cultures and customs and to make the listener feel they can be a part of the project. Secklow Sounds will produce programmes covering; grassroots sports, business, faith, family life, specialist music, young adults, local history, and local governance.


There is a rich vein of artistic talent in Milton Keynes and we want to tap into it, reflecting all forms of the arts by highlighting individuals and productions. For music we will use Secklow Sessions as the platform for showcasing local artists, recording studios and events. Secklow Sounds will work in partnership with arts organisations to promote their work and artists and will include local music as part of our daily rotation.


In 2015, Community Action: MK held an Inquiry into the Impact of Volunteering on Community Wellbeing. The Inquiry identified a number of key wishes for the future, including; (a) that volunteering gives people the connections, skills and confidence to participate in the economy, (b) that everyone has the opportunity to volunteer. Secklow Sounds will produce 30-minute profiles of local charities and community groups that will be available for on-demand listening. These groups and individuals will also feature as part of other community programming.

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