26th April: Lots of roadworks are taking place in Milton Keynes this week

There are lots of roadworks taking place in Milton Keynes this week, with some road closures to be expected.

The main road closures are around the Kingston area of the city, as Milton Keynes Council is currently in the process of resurfacing Brinklow Roundabout.

This project, which was said to take six weeks, has caused major congestion. As a result, the local authority has slashed its completion time by half and it will be finished on Saturday (1/5).

In the meantime, the Brinklow Roundabout is closed to traffic daily between 9:30 am and 16:30 pm. Read more here

Another place that will see major road works this week is Olney. The market town is having its road defects repaired, its footway improved on Friday (30/4), and the market car park resurfaced on 4th and 5th May.

Other road repairs and road works across Milton Keynes include: 

Road repairs including potholes:

26 - 27 April:

Middleton - Claridge Drive

26 April:

Bolbeck Park - Redvers Gate

Brinklow - Bransworth Avenue

CMK - Elder Gate

Downs Barn - Downs Barn Boulevard

Sherington - Crofts End

Springfield - Kenwood Gate and Falcon Avenue

Wolverton - Stratford Road

27 April:

Bletchley - Osborne Street

28 April:

Fishermead - Gurnards Avenue

30 April:

Olney - Market Place

7 May:

Fishermead - Fishermead Boulevard

Bletchley - Bond Avenue

Resurfacing Works:

26 April - 10 May:

Bletchley - Drayton Road