30 weapons voluntarily handed over to Milton Keynes police during amnesty event


30 weapons were handed into police over the weekend in Milton Keynes.

In a bid to remove dangerous weapons from the streets, reduce knife crime and raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife, Thames Valley Police held a knife amnesty event outside Oakgrove shops on Atlas Way.

A knife amnesty bin allows people who own knives or weapons to voluntarily dispose of them in a safe and legal way. 

During the event, police saw 30 weapons voluntarily handed over.

Police took to social media to thank those who took part: "South NHPT and Broughton & Milton Keynes Village Parish Council would like to say Thank you for everyone who came to visit us at Oakgrove.

"It was a very successful event where we had 30 weapons handed in to us."

A permanent knife amnesty bin can also be found at Milton Keynes Police Station.