MP Ben Everitt calls anti-vax demonstrators “dickheads” after trashing Milton Keynes test centre

Protesters have been causing chaos across Milton Keynes today by taking to the streets in a rally through Central MK.

Today, protesters have stormed the Central MK test site as well as MK Theatre in a demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions, with signs showing anti-vaccination messages.

Anti-vaxxers invaded the testing site in Milton Keynes and were spotted stealing vital equipment. Protesters were heard shouting chants such as “Boris lied” and one man was seen throwing cones from the test site around.

Many people have taken to Twitter to share photos and videos of the events, including Ben Everitt.

Local MP Ben Everitt has said he 'hopes Thames Valley Police get the evidence needed to bring these morons to justice'.

Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North told MKFM: “The scenes at the testing centre are utterly unacceptable. The staff and volunteers who deliver the tests are doing an amazing job

“No one deserves to treated like this at work, especially when they're playing such an important role in fighting this virus and keeping our economy open.

“We will not be bullied, if any good comes from the actions of these morons, it's an opportunity to remind people to get a booster and play your part in protecting yourself, your family and your community.

“We know that up to 90% of people in intensive care with COVID are not boosted. Get the booster now.”

You can read the full story on the protests here: Anti-vaxxers cause chaos across Milton Keynes as protesters storm theatre and test site