Cardamom Kitchen has arrived and is now open in Milton Keynes!

Two years in the making, Cardamom Kitchen is an all-organic & ingredient centric venue you’ve been waiting for to satiate all your favourite cakes, bakes & dessert cravings in Milton Keynes.

Following the onset of the pandemic and rise in the demand for safe, hygienic, organic and health boosting eatables, Karan and Maia both from backgrounds in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry for a combined 20 years realised their love for all things sweet and delicious by creating Cardamom Kitchen.

Cardamom Kitchen started as a home kitchen delivering a wide range of Cakes-Cheesecakes-Traybakes-Afternoon Tea’s among other desserts and savoury eatables with a thoughtfully curated, entirely house prepared menu to the food loving people of Milton Keynes. Karan and Maia recognised the need for a place that catered Cakes-Bakes-Desserts and Puddings made entirely of organic ingredients with the utmost level of safety and hygiene while staying true to the flavours and taste, and ensuring the best possible quality.

You don’t have to settle for second best while eating out, Cardamom Kitchen removes the worry and frustration of not getting the authentic taste that everyone is after in their desserts. Speaking about the opening of their new cafe of the same name at Monkston Park, Karan Said “This has been long coming & a dream of ours. We realised that in order to enjoy our favourite desserts, cakes and bakes that are true to their authentic flavours and not overly complicated with fusions or overly sweet among others things we’d have to create them ourselves!

We have poured everything into Cardamom Kitchen with recipes dating back to our grandmothers and of course taste testing with the lovely people of Milton Keynes, from whom we have received loads of love and orders. We can’t wait to share it with everyone now with our Cafe.”

Cardamom Kitchen is now open at 1, Pimlico Court, Monskton Park, Milton Keynes. Along with its delicious range of Afternoon Tea’s, Cakes, Cheesecakes, Desserts, Puddings you can also grab your favourite cup of Coffee. Opening Hours are 7AM-7PM, Monday to Sunday