Council to clean up drains across Milton Keynes estates

Gully cleaning will be taking place in residential areas across Milton Keynes over the next few months.

Keeping the drains clear from obstructions is important otherwise problems can occur. 

Even when a gully is clean and well maintained it will only cope with a certain volume of water at one time, a sudden and heavy downpour can still cause flooding especially if the road is in a low lying area.

Over October, MK Council will be cleaning drains in these areas:

  • Coffee Hall
  • Furzton Lake
  • Stony Stratford
  • Enfield Park
  • Far Bletchley
  • Granby
  • The Bowl

Over the next few months, more estates will be covered.

MK Council say: "Please ensure that you do not park your vehicle over the road grate so we can access the gully and clean it. A 2 metre gap on either side is required for the tanker."

You can find out more about gully cleaning here.