Figures reveal 65 people given blood in the last year by Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Thames Valley Air Ambulance has revealed that crews give blood to more than one person a week in emergencies across the region.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance, the helicopter-based air ambulance which covers Milton Keynes, has released the statistics to mark World Blood Donor Day (14th June).

Figures show that 65 patients have received 182 units of blood products from Thames Valley Air Ambulance, in the last year.

The charity has also given 484 units of blood products to 176 patients since becoming an independent healthcare provider in 2018.

Many Thames Valley Air Ambulance paramedics and doctors have become blood donors themselves since seeing the difference it can make to patients.

Neil Plant, Clinical Shift Manager at Thames Valley Air Ambulance and a regular blood donor, said: “When someone is seriously ill or injured, they need the best possible care there and then. Not only do we bring advanced equipment, drugs, and expertise to the scene, but our helicopter and critical care response vehicles carry units of red blood cells and plasma, which supports frontline treatment of major blood loss.

“We deliver hospital-level care, wherever and whenever it is needed. When every minute matters, having blood on board could make all the difference.”

Thames Valley Air Ambulance receives no government or National Lottery funding but relies solely on the generosity of supporters to protect the community.

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