Here are the Eid Salah timings at Mosques in Milton Keynes

Eid Salah timings at Mosques in Milton Keynes:

A spokesperson told MKFM: “Just a reminder that COVID is still around with large numbers of people testing positive and some made quite ill with it.  The ambulance service had to declare its state critical recently with the load.  

“Please keep taking basic precautions to reduce its spread.”

MK Jamee Masjid Duncombe Street, Bletchley 
1st Salah time: 07:00am
2nd Salah time: 08:30am
Limited parking at old Sainsburys car park

Hazrat Shah Jalal Jamee Masjid Bletchley 
1st Salah time: 07:30am
2nd Salah time: 08:30am
3rd Salah time: 10:00am
Limited parking 

Baytul Ilm Trust Bletchley 
Salah time: 08:00am

Al-Karam Mosque New Bradwell
Salah time: 09:00am
(Sisters facilities available)

Central Jamia Mosque, Wolverton
1st Salah time: 08:30am
(Khutba/Semon in Urdu language)
2nd Salah time: 09:45am
(Khutba/Semon in English language)

Islamic Centre Milton Keynes-SLMCFMK Fishermead 
1st Salah time: 07:00am
2nd Salah time: 09:00am
3rd Salah time: 10:30am (Sisters only)

Milton Keynes Muslim Association Coffee Hall
Salah time: 08:30am
Sisters can also attend

Milton Keynes Rawdha 
Salah time: 09:00am
Campbell Park, Avebury Boulevard MK9 4AJ
Sisters and Children are welcome 
Limited on site parking

Cranfield Islamic Society 
Salah time: 07:30am 
Sisters can also attend
Breakfast: 08:30am
Kids activities: 09:00am
Lunch: 02:30pm

Zainabiya Islamic Centre, Bletchley (Ahl-e-Tashi/Shia) 
Celebrating Eid on Tuesday 

“Salaams & Peace 

“This year 2022 once again Muslim communities endure and face many challenges, also having twice observed Ramadan - which is symbolically an important month in the religious/cultural calendar, but during the Pandemic  

”I have learnt the importance of sharing,  giving  and the significance of social activity is important to you all. I also note the compromises your communities make as citizens, with a shared interest in adopting necessary restrictions to social activity.  

“As we are approaching end of Ramadan and celebrate, wishing everyone Happy Eid-Eid Mubarak. I wish you all a safe celebrations with your loved one and families.

“Eid Mubarak.” Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Mohammed Khan.