High Voltage Cable reinforcement works to take place in Milton Keynes

Newport Pagnell Town Council

Works are set to take place along the H3 between Bradwell Abbey (Erica Road) to Blakelands Roundabout (Brickhill Street).

Western Power Distribution are set to take on construction works in order to reinforce the electricity supply around MK.

The work will take place mainly along  the H3 between Bradwell Abbey (Erica Road) to Blakelands Roundabout (Brickhill Street) between July and December.

Western Power Distribution will be installing new high voltage electricity cables from an existing sub-station at Bradwell Abbey to existing electricity circuits adjacent to Blakelands roundabout.

Road closures may be in place if necessary for the works.

Newport Pagnell Town Council said on social media: "The works will be advertised and carried out in a safe and efficient manner, and the closure of any roads will only be done if necessary.

"If you have any questions or wish to notify Western Power Distribution of any special requirements/priority service residents at your address, please contact them direct via their helpline 0800 1214444"