Iain Stewart MP opens up about receiving personal abuse from constituents

Throughout the past ten years as the MP for Milton Keynes South, Iain Stewart has experienced abuse from constituents which he says is "not pleasant".

Last month, it was also revealed that Professor Joe Harrison, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes University Hospital, had received a death threat for allowing a film crew to film a documentary at the hospital during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Iain Stewart MP said the attack on Professor Harrison was "appalling" and proceeded to speak about his own experiences with personal abuse. He added: "Most of the time you have a thick skin and it just bounces off you, but every once in a while someone will write something or say something that gets under your skin. You just have to learn to deal with it - it's really unpleasant.

"Thankfully, those people are in a very small minority. What helps you cope with it is that the vast majority of people that you deal with in the constituency, and across the communities in Milton Keynes, are wonderful people and that's the rewarding part of the job. You see so much going on, so many people doing their all to help their local area and others. When you can be involved in that, and help them, that really gives you the lift."

He continued: "It's not nice when you get the attacks. Political attacks are fine; that's why we have a democracy. People will challenge you and probe your beliefs and policies, that's fine. But, when it becomes personal they are just small people and you learn to deal with it."

Iain Stewart MP is today (7/5) celebrating his 10-year anniversary as MP for Milton Keynes South. Earlier today, he spoke to MKFM about what he says has been a "quite monumentous decade in British politics". Read more here.