Inspection rates Thames Valley Police's treatment of the public as 'Good'

HMICFRS has graded the force across nine areas with a grade of ‘Good’ being awarded for engaging with and treating the public with fairness and respect, and managing offenders and suspects.

An additional grading has been included this year of ‘Adequate’ which means that the expected standards are being met.

The force has received this grading in relation to preventing and investigating crime, protecting vulnerable people and developing a positive workplace.

No areas within the inspection report were graded as ‘Inadequate’, however there have been areas for improvement identified by the HMICFRS with regards to responding to the public, organisational management and value for money.

Although this didn’t form part of HMICFRS inspection last year, there was a 40% reduction in Residential Burglary (Dwelling) when compared to the five-year average, a 22% reduction in personal robbery and a 9% reduction in serious violence, as well as a 4% increase in the overall volume of cases where formal action was taken meaning better justice for victims of crime.

Deputy Chief Constable Jason Hogg of Thames Valley Police said: “We thank HMICFRS for its feedback, which it’s important to consider in context with two key factors; a change to the grading system and the unprecedented policing landscape in which we have been operating throughout the pandemic.

“At the time of this inspection, Thames Valley Police had been operating during the pandemic for over a year, going on to respond to nearly 65,000 Covid-related incidents in an 18-month period.

“Despite all of these challenges, no areas of Thames Valley Police were considered ‘Inadequate,’ and I am immensely proud of our officers and staff for their tireless work in protecting the public, which has kept our communities safe during these extraordinary times.

“However, to continue to deliver an effective and efficient policing service, we must strive to continually improve in all areas across the force. The findings of this PEEL report enable us to do this, together with learnings taken from national issues that rightly challenge us to reflect on how we best service our communities within the Thames Valley.”

Matthew Barber, Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the findings of today’s PEEL inspection into the effectiveness, efficacy and legitimacy of Thames Valley Police, with the Force being graded ‘Good’ in a number of key areas.

Matthew said: “Today’s report by HMICFRS highlights how the Force has been able to improve its ability to record crime data, the treatment of the public and managing offenders.

“Since the last PEEL inspection that was conducted in 2019, the Force has had to endure a period of high demand including the impacts of the pandemic, the Forbury Gardens terrorist attack in 2020 and managing a number of public protests. Despite this, I am pleased to hear that today’s report commends the Force’s ability to continue to keep our communities safe and prevent crime.  

“I was also pleased to see the report note the importance of the force’s work in attracting applicants from ethnic minority backgrounds to join the force, as part of its ongoing recruitment process.

“I also welcome the challenges highlighted in this report. As Police & Crime Commissioner it is my job to hold the Force to account and so I will work closely with the Chief Constable to ensure that Thames Valley Police are able to address the issues raised and make further improvements to better protect the public.”

The overall grades given are: Recording data about crime – Good, Treatment of the public – Good, Managing offenders – Good, Preventing crime – Adequate, Investigating crime – Adequate, Protecting vulnerable people – Adequate, Developing a positive workplace – Adequate, Responding to the public – Requires improvement and Good use of resources – Requires improvement.