Labour and Lib Dems expected to remain in coalition to run Milton Keynes Council

Image: MKFM

Milton Keynes Council is expected to remain as 'Progressive Alliance', a Labour and Lib Dem coalition, following local election results.

One third of Milton Keynes' Councillors are elected each year on a three-year rotation. This is then followed by a year with no local election. During 2022's local elections- there were votes up for all 19 Borough Wards, with one vacancy in each ward.

As results have now been concluded for each ward, the Conservatives have lost two seats to Labour, but remain the largest party.

Conservatives sit on 23 seats, Labour, 20, and Lib Dems, 14. 

29 seats are needed for the majority.

Similarly to 2021, despite Conservative Group being the largest party, Labour and the Lib Dems together hold the most amount of seats.

Last year, following lengthy discussions, it was decided that Labour and Liberal Democrats would form a 'Progressive Alliance' to run a majority administration on the Council. 

The biggest lost for the Conservatives was within the Bletchley Park ward.

See the full election results below: 

BLETCHLEY PARK - Labour candidate Nigel Long is elected

Griffiths, Sarah Rhiannon LIB DEM - 219

Long, Nigel Matthew LAB COOP - 1744

Rankine, Allan Roy CON - 1672

Sheppard, Michael John GREEN - 196


Turn Out:3842 (34.45%)

Rejected Papers:11

BRADWELL - Liberal Democrat candidate Rex Exon is elected

Exon, Rex LIB DEM - 1769

Khan, Shadat Jaffar LAB - 761

Panthula, Krishna Murthy CON - 535


Turn Out:3083 (32.32%)

Rejected Papers:18

STONY STRATFORD - Labour candidate Jennifer Wilson-Marklew is elected

Greenwood, Richard Michael LIB DEM - 285

Lewis, David Anthony GREEN - 247

Sharma, Rajeev CON - 1518

Wilson-Marklew, Jennifer Mcelvie - LAB - 2295


Turn Out:4363 (37.77%)

Rejected Papers:18

NEWPORT PAGNELL SOUTH - Liberal Democrat candidate Andy Carr is elected

Brown, Stephen Michael LAB - 520

Carr, Andy LIB DEM - 1620

Kayani, Yusrah CON - 1068


Turn Out:3233 (35.81%)

Rejected Papers:25

LOUGHTON AND SHENLEY - Labour candidate Shanika Mahendran is elected

Clark, Stephen LIB DEM - 

Mahendran, Shanika Caitlin LAB COOP -

Taylor, Dominic John GREEN -

Wilkinson, Ethan Ronan CON -

TATTENHOE - Conservative candidate Fathima Muzammil is elected

Bjorck, Lucy Rebecca GREEN - 268

Malik, Rukhsana Kossier LAB - 990

Muzammil, Fathima Shazna CON - 1167

Walden, Steven LIB DEM - 248


Turn Out:2695 (31.18%)

Rejected Papers:22

BLETCHLEY EAST - Labour candidate Mohammed Khan is elected

French, Joe GREEN - 256

Khan, Mohammed Delwar LAB - 1607

Marlow, James Richard Alan CON - 951

McCabe, Sean Douglas LIB DEM - 275


Turn Out:3104 (25.61%)

Rejected Papers:15

BLETCHLEY WEST - Labour candidate Mick Legg is elected

Adewale, Ben LIB DEM - 167

Brady, Ray IND - 172

Legg, Mick LAB - 1834

Michael, Godwin Antony CON - 1418

Segebrecht, Axel GREEN - 141


Turn Out:3743 (35.79%)

Rejected Papers:11

WOLVERTON - Labour candidate Robert Middleton is elected

Francis, Alan Herbert GREEN - 424

Middleton, Robert James - LAB AND COOP - 2051

Portilho, Thais LIB DEM - 177

Street, Jonathan Sam CON - 781


Turn Out:3446 (31.83%)

Rejected Papers:13

OLNEY - Conservative candidate Peter Geary is elected

Bethune, Dee LAB - 746

Brown, Ben INDEPENDENT - 804

Geary, Peter James CON - 1620

Rose, Catherine Jean GREEN - 850


Turn Out:4034 (41.75%)

Rejected Papers:14

WOUGHTON AND FISHERMEAD - Labour candidate Amber McQuillan is elected

McQuillan, Amber Teagan LAB - 1689

Roy, Raissa LIB DEM - 240

Vassilakis, Tatiana CON - 488


Turn Out:2437 (21.25%)

Rejected Papers:20

DANESBOROUGH AND WALTON - Conservative candidate David Hopkins is elected

Belcher, Veronica LAB - 918

Cave, Rebecca Ann LIB DEM - 401

Hopkins, David George CON - 1764

Skelton, Peter William GREEN - 451


Turn Out:3551 (33.46%)

Rejected Papers:17

NEWPORT PAGNELL NORTH AND HANSLOPE - Conservative candidate Liam Andrews is elected

Andrews, Liam Jack CON - 1655

Lloyd, Gary Nicholas GREEN - 247

Oyakhire, Tony LIB DEM - 653

Whild, Jane Deborah WOMEN'S EQUALITY PARTY - 214

Wood, Carol Ann LAB - 768


Turn Out:3555 (36.23%)

Rejected Papers:18

CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES - Central Milton Keynes: Labour candidate Moriah Priestley is elected

Houchin, Russell Frederick LIB DEM - 508

Imran, Haider Kabeer CON - 646

Priestley, Moriah Nkechinyere Adaku LAB - 1365


Turn Out:2545 (25.05%)

Rejected Papers:26

CAMPBELL PARK AND OLD WOUGHTON - Liberal Democrat candidate Nana Oguntola is elected13:09 - Next lot of results coming through

Durugo, Christian Uzoma Chinedu LAB - 715

Oguntola, Nana LIB DEM - 1712

Hearnshaw, John Howard CON - 1404


Turn Out:3851 (38.95%)

Rejected Papers:20

MONKSTON - Monkston: Liberal Democrat candidate Jennifer Ferrans is elected

Ferrans, Jennifer Margaret Patricia LIB DEM - 1540

Petchey, Martin Ronald LAB - 521

Tamagnini, Jaime CON - 596


Turn Out:2671 (29.22%)

Rejected Papers:14

STANTONBURY - Stantonbury: Labour candidate Naseem Khan is elected

Duffield, Greg LIB DEM - 292

Edwards, Peter GREEN - 333

Khan, Naseem LAB - 1840

Wright, Babs CON - 1521


Turn Out:4007 (35.93%)

Rejected Papers:21

BROUGHTON - Broughton: Liberal Democrat candidate Sam Croons is elected

Ahuja, Dev CON - 1269 votes

Crooks, Sam LIB DEM - 1971 votes

Dowling, Monica Stella LAB - 615 votes

Turn Out:3869 (30.26%)Electorate:12787

Rejected Papers:14

SHENLEY BROOK END - Shenley Brook End: Liberal Democrat candidate Peter Cannon is elected

Adeliyi, Ade CON - 1113 votes

Cannon, Peter Paul LIB DEM - 1487 votes

Nayee, Akash LAB - 610 votes


Turn Out:3240 (33.92%)

Rejected Papers:30