Local school reassures worried parents about nearby MK coronavirus facility

Kents Hill Park School issued a letter to parents ahead of the news that over 100 Brits will be monitored for coronavirus at Kents Hill Park.

The school is just over a mile away from the former hotel and conference centre, which is now being used as a quarantine facility.

Over 100 Wuhan evacuees arrived on Sunday (9/2), and will be strictly monitored for signs of coronavirus for 14 days.

The letter reads: "We have been informed by the Department of Health & Social Care that they have chosen Kents Hill Conference Centre as an isolation facility for a group of Britons being evacuated from Wuhan, China on Sunday 9 February. 
"The isolation of these groups is being undertaken as a highly precautionary measure as they have been at increased risk of exposure to the virus. 
"According to the Department of Health & Social Care, the presence of this group in Milton Keynes does not present any risk to local people. No one showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) would be allowed to board the plane in China.  
"There is no need for pupils or staff to stay away from school and we have been assured that every precaution has been taken. The safety of our pupils and staff is our foremost concern."

Public Health Minister Jo Churchill has also stated that this poses "absolutely no risk" to the people of Milton Keynes.

Despite this, residents have shared their concerns. Many commented on the fact the coach drivers who transported the evacuees did not wear PPE (personal protective equipment), or even face masks.

The NHS state that "seating arrangements ensured that the drivers were not in close contact with the passengers on the journey, which meant they were not at risk and did not require PPE."

According to the NHS, close contact means being within two metres of an infected person for at least fifteen minutes. The measures put in place to address this were to block off five rows at the front and boarding the drivers last. The NHS says the drivers do not "pose a risk to public health as a result of driving these passengers to their accommodation and should go about their daily lives as normal."

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