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Mayor of Milton Keynes has had his Covid jab

The Mayor of MK, Councillor Andrew Geary, was offered the opportunity to have his vaccine on Thursday (25/03).

Currently, everyone over 50 is eligible to book their first Covid jab either online or at their GP surgery.

But thanks to many residents going to the mass vaccination centres, some GPs have been left with a surplus.

So as not to waste the doses available, Parks Medical Practice is currently vaccinating those registered with them who are over 47.

The Mayor, who is not quite 50 yet, but is over 47, was invited by Parks Medical Practice (his GP surgery) to have the vaccine yesterday. 

Cllr Geary reported having a slightly sore arm afterwards, but he was extremely thankful to receive his Covid jab.

He said: "My grateful thanks to the Parks Medical Practice for a painless and efficient experience which was made all the smoother by the volunteer marshalls who “kept us right.”

"I’m told that I was able to take advantage of the offer even though I’m not (quite) yet 50 because the practice had ordered enough to do everyone who was 50+ on their books but so many had booked into the mass vaccination centre or other available places so there was plenty spare. They’re currently offering the vaccine to anyone on their books aged 47+.

"If you are over 50 and you haven’t yet received your first vaccination then the link below will be of interest.

"Do please get booked in ASAP so that you don’t potentially miss out for a while."

The news comes after the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mohammed Khan, had his vaccine at the weekend.