Milton Keynes Hospital boss urges parents to seek medical help if their child falls ill

During a Q&A broadcast yesterday (20/5), Professor Joe Harrison urged parents to seek urgent or emergency attention if their child falls ill.

Milton Keynes Hospital has seen the number of children who need emergency care fall during the lockdown period.

When speaking about the impact coronavirus has on children, Professor Harrison stated that Milton Keynes Hospital is receiving research updates each week and proceeded to encourage parents to seek medical attention if necessary.

He continued: "In Milton Keynes, we haven't seen any significant volume of children affected by whether it is Kawasaki disease, some equivalent or recognised strain of that. So, we have been fortunate here. We know there is [a] concern nationally, and I think that as a parent [and talking to your listeners] please if your child is unwell please make sure you seek urgent or emergency attention as soon as you possibly can."

Medics from Milton Keynes Hospital have also reminded parents that emergency departments are continuing to provide urgent assessment and treatment for all illnesses and injuries.

Dr James Bursell, consultant paediatrician at Milton Keynes University Hospital, said: “It is vital that parents know they can continue to access emergency care for their children in exactly the same way they always have done. Emergency departments remain open for all patients – adults and children alike – who need urgent medical help.

“We have heard that people may be staying away because they are concerned about the spread of Covid-19 infection. We have stringent infection prevention and controls in place to ensure all patients are protected from the potential spread of infection and would urge parents to continue bring their children to the emergency department if they are concerned about serious illness or injury.”

Milton Keynes Hospital has a separate children's emergency department, with its own entrance, waiting, assessment and treatment areas.

One parent or carer is permitted to accompany their child during hospital attendances and admissions.

Some content sourced from Milton Keynes Hospital.