Milton Keynes Hospital 'very pressured', says CEO

The CEO says patients with coronavirus at Milton Keynes Hospital have 'doubled over the past week'.

The CEO of Milton Keynes Hospital has said that despite being very pressured, they are not yet at the point of needing to declare a critical incident.

Joe Harrison, CEO of MKUH, has taken to Twitter to express his support for the staff and community. 

With staff sickness increasing and hospital COVID cases doubling, he says they are preparing for the situation to get worse.

On 23rd December, the hospital re-introduced visiting restrictions. The restrictions aim to reduce visitor footfall across the hospital – and with it the risk of spreading the virus – and maximise the number of hospital beds available for patients needing emergency care.

This news comes as neighbouring Northampton Hospital have had to suspend access to visitors.

In a series of Twitter posts, the hospital confirmed the move and apologised "for having to take this step as we are fully aware of the impact suspending visiting has on our patients and those close to them".

On Tuesday 28th december, 45 patients were recorded in MKUH with coronavirus. 

Northampton recorded 57 patients.

The latest data, released by the government weekly, includes people admitted to MK Hospital who tested positive for COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to their hospital admission and those who tested positive in hospital after admission.

All coronavirus data is provided by the government and NHS, no further information is provided on age, gender or vaccination status.

You can read the data here.