Milton Keynes Local Elections 2022: Crime policies

On Thursday 5th May, people in Milton Keynes will be taking to the polling stations to vote in the 2022 local elections.

This week, local elections are taking place in Milton Keynes. There are elections for all 19 Borough Wards with one vacancy in each ward.

Milton Keynes elects a third of its Councillors every year.

Last year, the Conservatives leapfrogged Labour to become the largest party with 24 seats, to Labour’s 19, and the Lib Dems on 13.

But, because the combined Labour and Lib Dems together held the majority vote, and together have the most seats in the council, the formed "Progressive Alliance" had since held office at Milton Keynes Council.

But how do you know who to vote for this year?

Following some sad crime events that have taken place in Milton Keynes recently and MKFM putting a spotlight on local crime during crime week. People in Milton Keynes have been wanting to know what the local parties are offering when it comes to tackling crime across the borough, we have listed the parties main policies for crime below.


Labour are pledging more police. The manifesto reads: "We will push the Police and Crime Commissioner to get a grip on knife crime and increase police numbers in Milton Keynes by 30 full-time officers by the end of 2022." The Labour leader told MKFM that it is not all about numbers, but he also wants police on the beat. 

Read full manifesto here - Milton Keynes Labour Party 2022 Manifesto.


One of the key Conservative pledges for 2022 is a 'safer Milton Keynes'. The manifesto pledges are as follows:

Invest CCTV for every ward, tackling knife crime, combat unauthorised encampments, bleed control kits in MK venues, community speedeatch schemes and working with TVP police and crime commissioner to tackle crime.

Read full manifesto here - Milton Keynes Conservatives 2022 Manifesto.

Lib Dem

The Lib Dem leader told MKFM that there is no substitute for an officer when it comes to CCTV and stopping crime. "Lets be realistic about it, we need to recruit more police officers, we need to recruit more PCSOs. Community policing is the answer."

The party also pledge to work closely with partners, such as Thames Valley Police and local schools, to help reduce crime, gang activity and anti-social behaviour. "We’ll invest in projects that help prevent young people becoming involved with knife crime and continue our campaign for better resourcing for Milton Keynes’ police."

Read full manifesto here - Milton Keynes Lib Dem 2022 Manifesto.

Green Party

The Green Party pledges include money into community-based policing, education, employment and youth services, helping to keep children and young people away from crime and reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour, ending the war on drugs by deprioritising policing on cannabis, allowing resources to be focused on things like organised crime.

Read full manifesto here - Milton Keynes Green Party 2022 Manifesto.

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You can see who's standing in your local area here.