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Milton Keynes police issue advice to combat item theft from vehicles

Thames Valley Police have issued local residents with advice on how to prevent items being stolen from their vehicles after reporting a sharp rise in thefts last month.

Remove all items from the vehicle

Most criminals are opportunists - they take what they can when they see it. If a vehicle looks empty, the chances are they may leave it alone.

Don’t make life easy for criminals by leaving any items on display. Either take your property with you when you get out of the vehicle or keep items locked in the boot out of sight. Even things like an old coat, sunglasses or loose change can be a temptation for someone to ‘smash and grab’ - they steal first and think about value later.

If you have a portable Sat Nav or dashcam remove it when not in use and also remove the cradle and wipe off any sucker marks as they are an indicator that the device itself may still be in the car. A criminal will happily smash a window to check!

Lock doors and close windows

A vehicle left unlocked or with windows open is an invitation to a thief, so don't leave your vehicle insecure - even for 'just a second' for example while you pay for petrol or use a cash point. It can be enough time for a thief to make off with any possessions left inside.

Never leave your vehicle with the keys in the ignition

This includes when loading or unloading shopping or leaving the engine running to 'warm up' on cold mornings. It literally only takes a couple of seconds for a thief to jump in and steal your vehicle! Leaving the keys in the ignition could also invalidate your insurance.

If you have a garage - use it!

Always lock the garage and the vehicle. If you don’t have a garage always try to park in a well lit open place in public view. If possible use secure car parks displaying the ParkMarkTM sign. For details on the ParkMarkTM scheme click here.

For further advice and information on securing your vehicle, you can visit the Thames Valley Police website by clicking here.

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