Milton Keynes residents reminded about today's deadline for registering to vote in local elections

Locals are being reminded that today (19/4) is the deadline to register to vote in May's local elections.

In just over two weeks' time, on May 6th, people will be taking to polling stations or filling out their postal ballots to help determine what political party will gain leadership of Milton Keynes Council.

There are elections for all 19 Borough Wards with one vacancy in each ward, except for Woughton and Fishermead and Central Milton Keynes which will have 2 vacancies (because of by-elections).

Election day, which was previously postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, will see residents vote in local, parish, and Police and Crime Commissioner polls.

There will also be a Neighbourhood Plan Referendum for Stantonbury.

And today (19/4) marks a big day in the election calendar, as people only have up until 23:59 tonight to register to vote. 

Registering to vote can be done on the Government website and it only takes around five minutes. Eligible residents must have their National Insurance number to hand. 

People over the age of 16 can register to vote, but will only be able to vote once they turn 18.

If you have already registered to vote, you will be sent a poll card from 29 March.

If you are unsure if you are registered to vote you can call Milton Keynes Council on 01908 254706 to check.

There are three ways to vote in the upcoming local election: in person, by post, or by proxy.

The final deadline to apply for a postal vote is Tuesday 20 April at 5pm. For those that have successfully applied before 8 April, early postal votes will be sent from 19 April. Final postal votes will be sent from 26 April. Details of how to apply are available here.

The final deadline to apply to appoint a proxy is Tuesday 27 April at 5pm. The person you appoint as a proxy will need to go to your allocated polling station to vote, or apply for a postal vote before 20 April. Details of how to apply to appoint a proxy are available here.

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