MK Council will provide emergency accomodation for the homeless tonight

The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol has been activated today (10/2), providing rough sleepers a place to stay during the harsh weather conditions.

This follows the severe weather in Milton Keynes, with overnight temperatures set to reach below zero degrees Celsius.

A statement on Milton Keynes Council's website reads: "We want vulnerable people to be protected and provided for during the cold weather. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol, which all councils follow, is designed to get rough sleepers off the streets when temperatures are very low.

"The Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government advise that SWEP should be activated by a weather forecast predicting three consecutive nights, or more, of a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower. SWEP is implemented on the first day of the Met Office forecast.

"When SWEP ends, individuals will be asked to leave the emergency accommodation."

If you or someone you know is sleeping rough, please go to the Civic offices before 5pm. 

Alternatively, if it is after 5pm please call 01908 226699.