Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley welcomes £400,000 funding from NPCC’s STAR Fund

The Police and Crime Commissioner for the Thames Valley, has welcomed £400,000 funding which has been awarded through the NPCC’s STAR (Science, Technology, Analysis and Research) Fund.

£109,145 will be given towards the trialling of a predictive mapping approach to partnership problem solving and multimedia resources to support behavioural change outcomes across youth justice.

Matthew Barber, Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “I am delighted to see that my office has benefitted from the STAR Fund, providing important investment in the reduction of crime across Thames Valley.

“I look forward to seeing the outcomes from this funding, and the impacts they will have on our communities.”

The VRU will receive £255,266.88 towards data quality improvements (DaQIOA) and Prediction of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which is a tool for investigation, harm reduction, and violence prevention.

Stan Gilmour, Director of the Violence Reduction Unit, said: “I welcome today’s funding announcement received from the NPCC’s STAR Fund.

“With this funding, the Violence Reduction Unit will be able to make improvements in data capture by frontline staff, as well as having access to cutting edge investigative tools aiming to reduce harm and prevent violence.”

DaQIOA will drive effective data capture by frontline staff using innovative technology. It will also allow for the development of advanced analytical activity to inform frontline preventative activity, focused on public space violence and crime prevention activity.