Robots Leading the Way in MK

Starship Technologies continue their deliveries across Milton Keynes. Have you spotted the robots in action yet?

Starship Technologies were delighted to welcome Mark Lancaster MP to their operational hub in Monkston Park last week.

The operation is the world’s leading robot home delivery service and is set right in the heart of Mark’s constituency of Milton Keynes North. Of the dozen making their way around the city, recent statistics show that MK has broken a number of world records for the greatest number of orders ever documented in a single day. 

Feedback has been extremely positive from local residents, many of whom quickly embraced the automated home delivery service as an integral part of their daily shopping activity. The robot is revolutionary because it delivers at very low cost, with zero emissions and at almost no time expense to the customer. It is able to deliver to those who are short of time and those who are less mobile, giving a degree of independence and convenience which makes a great difference to busy and mobility impaired citizens. 

Starship are also continuing to support MKFM's Community Challenge to raise 10,000 toiletries for the MK Food Bank between 6th April to 6th July. The robots are collecting toiletries from the Church of Christ the Cornerstone and delivering them to the Christian Centre at Oldbrook for the MK Food Bank.

Starship is so encouraged by the local response that it intends to continue the trial for the foreseeable future, working closely with Milton Keynes Council to ensure the findings are incorporated in protocols defining how the device and others like it, should are operated. 

After the demonstration, Mark commented “You can’t have failed to have noticed the little white robots quietly making their way around MK. I’m delighted that the company has recognised that we are a “can do” city and was right to invest its time, money and delivery fleet in MK. I’m looking forward to seeing the project enhance deliveries for local businesses.”