Taco Bell drive-thru is set to come to Milton Keynes

The multi-national fast food chain was yesterday (14/5) given planning permission to open a new drive-thru restaurant in the city centre.

Serving Mexican and Tex-Mex foods the 186 sq-metre restaurant will sit on the car park of the Burger King, off Portway, close to the railway station.

The Adil Group has also been given permission to place two Taco Bell signs which say “Taco Bell Loves Milton Keynes”. There will also be a 10m tall sign to advertise both restaurants on the site.

Milton Keynes Council’s planners used their delegated powers to approve the plans without the need to refer it to the elected development control committee.

The Taco Bell will be the fifth takeaway restaurant in the area, which includes a McDonald’s. Planners believed this is acceptable in the area.

Highways officials had initially objected to the way that traffic would flow around the site but the developer changed the plans to make it acceptable.

And an objection from Central MK Town Council, which called on the layout of the site to respect the city’s grid system, was also dealt with in a way that satisfied the planners.

The Burger King was given permission in 1995 and the area is earmarked for leisure and retail land.

“The proposed use would enhance the vitality of the town centre by extending the range of facilities offered and/or stimulating activity outside normal shopping hours,” said senior planning officer Richard Edgington in his report.

The full details of layout and traffic flows will have to be approved by the council before the restaurant can be opened.