Thames Valley Police launch new police officer recruitment campaign

The police force which covers Milton Keynes has launched a brand new recruitment campaign in a further bid to find more officers.

Police numbers in Milton Keynes have been a hot topic over the past few months. 

Thames Valley Police has today (13/6) announced that a new recruitment campaign has been launched, aimed at attracting people to the force who want a career where they can make a real difference and realise their full potential.

The force is offering a number of routes into policing currently, for those with or without a degree. The starting salary for all new recruits is £26,780 (which includes £2,000 South-East allowance). On the current system, officers can expect to be earning a salary in excess of £40,000 per annum by your seventh year in the job.

Chief Constable Campbell said: “Attracting people from a range of backgrounds will bring different knowledge and expertise and help us to build stronger relationships with the public, enabling us to serve and protect them more effectively.

“We have had success in attracting more women into policing, but realise there is work to do to increase broader diversity within the force.”

You can find out more about the jobs here.

Back in April, MKFM hosted a week of crime interviews with key figures in Milton Keynes. One of the main topics discussed throughout the week was surrounding police numbers.

In an interview with Chief Inspector Livingstone, Deputy Commander for Milton Keynes, MKFM heard that the city has received the most new posts across the Thames Valley region.

According to the figures from local police, as a local policing area, there are 348 established posts for police officers. The deputy told us that in 2021, 29 new officers joined the local policing area, 2021/22 saw 36 officers and the force is projecting that they will have 46 new student officers in MK in 2022/23.

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