These are the roadworks being carried out in Milton Keynes this week

Milton Keynes Council has announced a list of road works that will be taking place this week, with some road closures likely.

The local authority has said that road closures and diversions may be necessary to provide a "safe working environment" for staff, but the road closures have not yet been listed.

Although we do know that repairs will be taking place on the following roads: 

Road repairs including potholes

22 March:

Conniburrow, Woodruff Avenue

Shenley Lodge, Edison Square

Ravenstone, Common Street

Emerson Valley - Pickering Drive

Tyringham - Filgrave to Gayhurst Road

Chaffron Way between V2 and V3

23 March:

Tattenhoe - Rosemullion Avenue

Stony Stratford - London Road

24 March:

Grafton Street between H8 and A5

Northfield - Northfield Road

Stacey Bushes - Stacey Bushes Roundabout

Giffard Park - Knebworth Gate

24 - 25 March:

Bletchley - Whaddon Way

25 March:

Loughton - Ashpole Furlong

Wolverton - Oxford Street

Lathbury - Sherington Road

Street Lighting

22 - 24 March:

Marlborough Street between H8 and H9

Gully cleaning (road drains):

23 March:

H7 Chaffron Way between V1 and V2

25 March:

H7 Chaffron Way  between V10 and V11

Lining Refresh Works:

22 - 23 March:

V3 Fulmer Street between H5 and H6

24 - 25 March:

V3 Fulmer Street between H6 and H7

26 - 27 March:

V2 Tattenhoe Street between H7 and H8

30 - 31 March:

H7 Chaffron Way between V4 and V6

Resurfacing Works:

22 - 23 March:

Stony Stratford - Vicarage Road and Russell Street

24 - 29 March:

Stony Stratford - Wolverton Road

25 - 31 March:

Wolverton Road between V7 and  Marsh Drive

30 March - 1 April:

H3 Monks Way between V10 and Marsh End Roundabout