Residents are invited to have COVID-19 jab at Milton Keynes Islamic Centre this Friday

There will be a coronavirus vaccination clinic held at the Zaynabiya Islamic Centre in Granby this Friday (30/4) and eligible residents are being encouraged to book an appointment.

This day-long vaccination clinic has been launched in conjunction with the NHS to boost vaccine uptake among BAME communities, as these groups have shown extreme vaccination hesitancy.

It will also give all eligible people in Milton Keynes, no matter their ethnicity, the opportunity to have the lifesaving jab.

The vaccination appointments are available for anyone over the age of 40, carers over 30, NHS workers, and people that are in an at-risk group.

Appointments must be booked in advance by calling the dedicated booking line, which is 07874 869186. The phone line is open from 9:30am to 4:30pm on Tuesday (27/4), Wednesday (28/4), and Thursday (29/4).

Callers should give their name, date of birth, and NHS number if they have it. 

The COVID-19 vaccination clinic will be held at the Granby Islamic Centre on Friday (30/4) from 3pm until 8pm. The venue's address is: Granby Islamic Centre Peverel Drive, Bletchley Milton Keynes, MK1 1NW.

Misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine's origin is often spread among BAME communities; myths include that the vaccine contains meat substances, ingredients derived from cows, or that it can alter your DNA - all of which are untrue. 

The Deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Mohammed Khan, has been incredibly vocal about putting the facts straight while ensuring BAME communities have the vaccine.

The NHS and its healthcare providers have also been trying to raise awareness and prevent false information. Dr Harpreet Soodh, from NHS England, told the BBC that health officials have been working with South Asian communities in particular to share the facts. 

He said: "We need to be clear and make people realise there is no meat in the vaccine, there is no pork in the vaccine, it has been accepted and endorsed by all the religious leaders and councils and faith communities."

Deputy Mayor Cllr Khan has urged all residents to stay safe, and "take up the vaccine when it is offered". His mother, who is in her eighties, has received the vaccine and Cllr Khan has also had his

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