What time can the Red Arrows be spotted over Milton Keynes today?

The famous RAF aerobatics display team are set to fly over Milton Keynes later today.

Residents will be able to catch the Red Arrows as they take to the skies above Milton Keynes today (June 18th), for the Duxford Summer Airshow.

It is expected that the squadron will depart from Northern Ireland at around 2.16pm later today as they make their way towards Duxford.

At some time between 3pm and 3.06pm, the Red Arrows should be visible to many locals across Milton Keynes and Woburn as they fly from Banbury to Flitwick before heading to Therfield then Duxford Summer Airshow.

Duxford Summer Air Show, by IWM Duxford, takes place at Europe’s largest air museum and historical airfield every year.

The expected route in full as is as follows, though times and exact locations may vary due to weather conditions:

  • Belfast International Airport (Aldergrove) - 2.14pm
  • Serrykillutagh - 2.16pm
  • Oversea - 2.20pm
  • Point Lynas - 2.32pm
  • Church Streeton - 2.45pm
  • Stourport-on-Severn - 2.49pm
  • Staunton (Gloucester) - 2.53pm
  • Upper Oddington - 2.57pm
  • Chacombe - 3pm
  • Shillington - 3.06pm
  • Therfield - 3.08pm
  • Duxford - 3.10pm
  • Saffron Walden - 3.11pm
  • Stansted Airport - 3.15pm