Sunday, June 13th, 2021

  • 12:00am

    MK's Greatest Hits All Night Long

    MK's Greatest Hits and all the latest news and information with your favourite presenters.

  • 6:00am

    Worship Hour

  • 7:00am

    Nicole Abbott

    Nicole plays MK's Greatest Hits to start Sunday morning. Get in touch @seckow1055

  • 10:00am

    Steph Watkins

    Steph plays MK's Greatest Hits to get you through the weekend. Get in touch @secklow1055

  • 1:00pm

    David Francis

    Sunday afternoon with David playing MK's Greatest Hits. Get in touch @Secklow1055

  • 4:00pm

    All About the 80s

    Donna plays the Greatest Hits from the 80s. Let her know your 80's memories @secklow1055

  • 7:00pm

    The Greatest Riffs

    Mike plays the Greatest Riffs from the biggest bands. Get in touch @secklow1055

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  • 9:00pm

    Big People Reggae Show

    Mista C. plays the Greatest Reggae Hits to end the weekend. Get in touch @secklow1055

  • 11:00pm

    TNT Radio Show

    Late night talk radio with Tony and Tayo