Tony and Tayo TNT show

Tony is a living legend!”


Well, that is what Tony claims his fans say! (We’re still waiting for proof, Tony 😉!)

Tony is one part of The TNT Talk Show team. He's the positive, upbeat, “anything is possible” part of the dynamic duo. Tony is all about all the bright possibilities the future can bring.

A podcaster, radio show presenter, motivational public speaker, coach, business owner and weight loss mentor, Tony has several arrows in his quiver. However, of all the fingers in all the pies, the one he loves the most is speaking in organisations about how to harness their talents and improve their business and personal successes.

Another regular enjoyment is his weekly entertaining and energetic discussion with his podcast partner. At times, the debate gets heated when discussing varied and sometimes controversial discussion topics and the pair have a good old ding-dong, and Tony couldn't relish it more.

Tony’s favourite MK venue is Las Iguanas in the hub as the food and atmosphere is always good. His favourite ice cream is strawberry!

Tony’s mantra is “Free Your Magic” as we all have talent inside each of us, talent that is just waiting to surface and surprise us!


Tayo, formerly a cinephile (when Hollywood understood its business was entertainment, not advertising an ideology), nowadays practises being a grumpy old man. Tayo aims to attain such a state of grouchy perfection that he can find an acerbic, sunlight-dimming remark in return to even the cheeriest, "Good morning!"

When not being grumpy, Tayo loves to visit his "favouritest" Milton Keynes eatery, MK Buffet Village. Afterwards, he usually rues the fact that even he can't ram his beloved strawberry cheesecake ice cream down his long-suffering gullet, but he never learns.

Tayo is one part of the double TNT Talk Show team, where he often complains that he has to endure his teammate's blithe optimism (apparently, it's truly stomach-churning stuff).

A lot can be learnt about Tayo by considering his pet mantra: "The lucky ones die first."